Who are you? What do you stand for? How would you want someone to describe you? We know… tough questions for the first week of the year. But these are also very important questions for us to answer. Every day offers each of us an opportunity to do something special… to make magic happen… to change the world. That’s big, right? So let’s get crackin’. The time is now. What drives you? Have you ever really spent the time to think about it? We think this is so important that we are kicking off 2016 with it. This week, it’s time to DISCOVER YOUR MISSION. At Every Monday Matters, we believe that you are powerful beyond your wildest expectations. We believe that every word you speak, thought you have, and action you take has a tremendous impact on the world around you. That’s pretty impressive and something we never doubt for a second. But one question remains, how are you going to channel that power? What gets you fired up? What interests you? Have you ever created a personal mission statement? Well, get ready, because it’s time to commit… it will change you and the world. Discovering your mission matters.

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