In our Super-Size, Big-Gulp, Win-the-Lottery culture, we are constantly communicated the message that more is better. Bigger meal, bigger home, bigger bank account, etc. But is this really the case? Isn’t too much of a bad thing a bad thing? And isn’t there such a thing as “enough” and too much becomes just that… too much? We think so. We also think that this kind of thinking ignores the power of small gestures and has a way of making us not feel good enough or adequate. But this is just not the case. In fact, we think that a little of a good thing is a pretty awesome thing. So, this week, we want you to DONATE A LITTLE. If you asked any organization that receives donations, either in the form of money or goods, whether they would rather receive $1 from a million people or $1 million from one person, they would say the former. And, we believe that this is how we truly change the world… by everyone chipping in a little. So take a moment to give a little this week. Even your coins can add up. Donating a little matters.

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