Does it feel like you have spent a little less time being appreciative or grateful over the past nearly two years? Kind of like the burden of the pandemic, social injustice, political division, working from home, children in and out of school, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings have made it harder to don a smile and feel joy in your heart? If you relate to this, please know you are not alone. In fact, it has been researched and studied, and humanity as a whole feels the same. For this reason, we think this week is a really important one. This week, DON’T LOSE SIGHT. We tend to only see and produce more of what we focus on in life. What have you been focusing on? Have doom scrolling or hours of news consumption become a part of your daily diet? Has living in the past and being depressed about the ways things used to be become your new mindset? Or have you been able to shift your paradigm and find the silver lining? Have you found new things to appreciate and discovered new routines that you actually like more? We believe that even in the roughest of times, we need to focus on what matters most. So maybe the best question we can ask is: what matters most to you? And the follow up would be: what can you do to focus even more time and energy on those things? Let’s never forget the stuff that means the most. Not losing sight matters.

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