We often wonder if everything has just become way too serious. In some way, growing up has become synonymous with growing serious… more responsibilities, more awareness of people’s judgments, more “know it all-ness.” But we don’t think this needs to be the case. After all, who ever said that being happy, laughing, or expressing your inner-nerd or childlike ways have an expiration date on them? We certainly didn’t. So, this week, we want you to DORK OUT. We have all heard it before… sing and dance like no one is watching. Well we say, even if someone is watching, sing and dance like no one is watching anyway. If you are feeling it, go for it. If you always wanted to be Captain America, then throw on the costume and be the Captain. Wanted to learn line dancing, but were too worried about what people would think because you were just a beginner? Throw on your hat and boots and saddle up. Even better, ask friends to join you so you can dork out together. We guarantee one thing for sure… that you will smile, laugh, and have a blast. And, what better way to create happiness in your life than to smile, laugh, and have fun? But it starts with you and your willingness to just let go and dork out. So do it, because dorking out matters.

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