Have you ever stopped to really think about how much water is a part of your life? Sure, we take showers, we wash our clothes, and we flush the toilet. And, of course, we occasionally get to see a lake, river, or the ocean… which, on a side note, is pretty remarkable that it’s only an occasional thing for a lot of us, being that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. But what about the water right inside of you? You know, that thing that your body is about 65% made of? See, water is everything to us. Literally. It is what we are made of. So, this week, we want you to DRINK IT UP. Being properly hydrated is more important that you might think. Water is needed for proper brain function, lubricating your joints, helping with digestion, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your body, and regulating your body temperature… just to name a few. Yet, less than 50% of us drink the proper amount of water. And, 25% of us are severely dehydrated. Clearly we have some work to do. Yes, we think water conservation is a good thing, when it comes to the environment, but not when it comes to consuming what we need to live healthy and happy lives. Drinking water matters.

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