There is something about rainbows that causes us to pause. We admire their beauty, we look for the pot of gold, we try to figure out how far away or close they are, and we wonder how in the heck they are created. But there is another type of rainbow, also created by nature, worthy of a similar, if not even greater, response. It’s the rainbow created by all of the beautiful colors of fruits and vegetables. You’ve probably seen it at the Farmers Market or the grocery store. So, this week we want you to EAT A RAINBOW. Have you ever taken the time to really appreciate an orange or a boysenberry? An artichoke or an avocado? The color? The smell? The design? The taste? And, if that is not enough, have you ever really appreciated the fact that they actually fight cancer, decrease the risk of heart disease, and provide all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet? In other words, in this case, the rainbow is truly the pot of gold, in and of itself. So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy it. No downside here. Eating your fruits and veggies matters.

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