We live in the Information Age. That’s almost an understatement now. It’s hard to believe that just 20 years ago the Internet, as we know it, didn’t even exist. Neither did smart phones. Imagine not having the Internet or a smart phone. Yikes. Kind of turns the stomach doesn’t it? Why? Because we have all witnessed and experienced the computerization of everything and our lives now completely depend on them. In some ways that is a scary thought. But it’s also pretty cool, if we embrace it in a healthy way. So, this week, we want you to EDUCATE YOURSELF. Living in the Information Age means that we are bombarded by information at every turn. What is real? What is fake? What do we believe? What are we consuming? Because if we are just using computers for things like gossip, bullying, sharing falsehoods, and entertainment, aren’t we kind of missing out on something super-amazing? Wouldn’t it benefit us more to use technology to better ourselves? To learn history? To explore a different part of the world? To grow? To share in the spirit of connection? Our hope is that this week, you will. Educating yourself matters.

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