No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are from, there is something you need that we know about. How, you might ask? Because it is something so deeply rooted in every single person that walks the face of the Earth. It is to know and feel that “I Matter.” That someone, or several people, sees me and hears me… that I am valued. Besides water and food, it really doesn’t get more important than this; and, for this reason, this week, we want you to EMBRACE EMPATHY. Empathy is truly the glue that holds the world together. It says, “I understand you” and “I feel you.” But, unfortunately, we live in a world where empathy loses out to something called “judgment.” “I don’t see you,” or “I see you, but you are different, strange, have issues, etc.” In fact, because of our quick ability to judge one another, empathy often doesn’t even get a sniff. Why does that person look so tired? Why did they not perform well? Why do they bully so much? With a little empathy, and a little digging, we can usually find all the answers and then help one another be better. Empathy requires us to be aware of the bigger picture. To dig in. To be a friend… even to strangers. Embracing empathy matters.

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