If you watched any of the Beijing Winter Olympics, you may have noticed a trend in the play-by-play commentating. Whether it was ice-skating, half-pipe, or bobsled, the norm seemed to be to focus on and anticipate the mistakes more than it was to celebrate and enjoy excellence. The similar dynamic is common in gymnastics during the Summer Olympics. Yes, we know it is a competition and, in some sense, making fewer mistakes is “better;” but we can’t lose the beauty of the sport through the constant anticipation of errors. Same with life, as we can’t get laser focused on the flaws of our own and other people, we lose sight of the good stuff. So, this week, we want you to EMBRACE YOUR FLAWS. One school of thought tells us that nothing and no one is perfect. It’s just not possible. In other words, you are flawed and not perfect. Bummer, but accept it and know you are not alone. However, there are two other perspectives that are a bit more encouraging and calming: (1) you are perfectly imperfect, or (2) you are imperfectly perfect. These perspectives celebrate and honor our blemishes, for those cracks are what make us who we uniquely are. In other words, they aren’t bad things; they are just a part of us, and either way we are perfect without being “perfect.” To that, we say, “perfect.” Embrace yourself. Embracing your flaws matters.

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