We love to ask people the question: What are five things you do well? These might be very specific things, like playing the piano or baking homemade bread. Or they can be a bit broader, like being a good friend or caring about the environment. What is interesting, however, is that when we ask this question, most often, people have a difficult time stating five things they. We don’t think this is because most of us don’t do five things. In fact, we believe most of us do countless things well. Rather, we believe it is because we don’t take enough time to celebrate our special talents, so this week we want you to EMBRACE YOUR GIFTS. Yes, you have gifts. You…the person reading this right now. Your actions, words, thoughts, and beliefs impact the world around you. Today, if you choose to, you can go do something you love to do and give yourself that enjoyment. Today, if you choose to, you can give someone a kind compliment and give them the gift of feeling seen and appreciated. Today, if you choose to, you can volunteer in your community and give your community the gift of compassion. The truth is you can do all of these in one day and already start planning for tomorrow’s gift-giving activities. Together, let’s all embrace our gifts and enjoy them each and every day. Embracing your gifts matters.

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