We all love a good story. We love to connect with a character in a book, movie, or television show and watch them navigate life. We get happy when things go well for them, and we feel their pain when things fall apart; but we always hope things will get better for them before the story ends. In other words, we love to experience their journey. Well, this week, we want you to also ENJOY THE JOURNEY, but this time, it’s your own journey. Yes, your life is another amazing story. It will have moments of trials and tribulations, and it will have moments of celebration and joy. We can also choose to believe things will get better and better as our story proceeds. Yes, just like we did for Rocky, Nemo, and Bilbo Baggins. See, we are no different from those characters we love so much; we just tend to forget that we have our own story and that it matters too. So enjoy your story. Author your story. When you hit a chapter that is tougher than you would like it to be, trust that another chapter is just a few pages away. And, never forget to be grateful, even when it seems next to impossible. Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions we can harness. It allows us to enjoy every step of our great adventure, which is a great way to live. Enjoying the journey matters.

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