This might seem like a strange weekly theme at a time like this. So much has changed and so much is still uncertain because of COVID-19. Sure we see glimmers of hope and positivity, but most media and news coverage is far from joy-filled or enjoyable. So many of us haven’t left our homes, can’t spend time with friends and family, can’t go to the gym, can’t work, can’t go to school, and the list goes on. Seems like the word “can’t” is the perfect set-up word for most of the routines we used to enjoy. However, there are so many things we “can” do, so this week, let’s ENJOY THE NOW. If we choose to see it this way, and if we then take action, there are silver linings in all of this. Maybe you now have more time to slow down and to get more mindful. Maybe you are able to spend more time with your children. Maybe you’ve been able to pick up an old hobby that fell off your calendar because you were so busy before. Maybe you can literally go outside and smell the roses as they bloom. It is okay for us to find ways to feel joy during such a challenging time. In fact, it is healthy for us, because this has been a heavy load for so many people. So get present with things that bring you joy. Enjoying the now matters.

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