Imagine walking into a restaurant and the menu simply said: “Drink.” “Salad.” “Fish.” “Soup.” “Sandwich.” “Dessert.” Why just one word? Because there is only one option. You want a sandwich, then order the sandwich, because there is only one type. Same goes for the fish or a salad. And, when you look at the tables around you, you see people eating the exact same sandwich you are. Even stranger those other people also look and dress just like you. Starting to get a little creeped out yet? Well, now imagine as you are driving home afterwards, to your home that looks just like everyone else’s home, you also notice that everyone is driving the exact same car, in the same color of course. Why? Because there is only one “Car.” Need a car? Then get the “Car.” Our hope is that this experience sounds like an absolute nightmare to you, because it certainly does to us. Life without variety is not “living.” So, this week, we want you to ENJOY VARIETY. Next time you go to a restaurant, order something you have never ordered before. Better yet, try a restaurant you have never been to before. Love to cook at home? Try a new recipe from a faraway land. Seeking new options is like having adventures at every turn, and our world has plenty of adventure to offer. Enjoying variety matters.

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