As you go through your day, how good are you at noticing things for which you are grateful? Maybe it’s the warmth of the sun on your skin, a good laugh, the greeting from your puppy when you walk in the front door, or the kindness of a caring friend. If you are intentional about it, the daily list can get quite long…which is incredible. However, if our mindset is focused more on the negative or just neutral, we sadly miss these little gifts life has to offer. This week, not only are we going to be hyper intentional about taking note of the things we appreciate, we are also going to EXPRESS APPRECIATION. There are two hurdles to expressing appreciation: (1) if we don’t feel it, we can’t express it; and (2) just because we feel it, doesn’t mean we always express it. So this is our charge this week—feel it and share it. Feeling appreciation matters because it connects us to our heart. Our mind recognizes how thankful we are for something or someone and our heart and soul feels it. It’s almost as if a warmth builds in our chest and a peace settles in on our being. And once we feel it, we need to acknowledge it. Even if you are alone and are appreciating the beauty of a hummingbird, say something about it, whether to yourself or out loud. And when the appreciation you feel is in response to what someone did, then let them know how meaningful it was for you. It’s good for you and for them… and our world. So express away. Expressing appreciation matters.


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