It’s the topic of nearly every #1 music single. It’s the stuff that makes up many blockbuster films and best-selling novels. And, it’s the thing our heart yearns for more than anything else. It’s love. Arguably the most powerful combination of any four letters in the English alphabet. Knowing that we are loved and loving someone else are feelings like no other. Love takes our breath away, makes time disappear, levitates us, and puts everything in perfect order. Love takes many forms—between family members, friends, pets, and partners—and all forms are important and true. So, this week, in the spirit of being compassionate, let’s all EXPRESS LOVE. See, as badly as we all want more love in our lives, it can be very scary. For as beautiful as love is, it is also the thing that can hurt us the most. After all, it is only love that can break our heart. But we can’t let fear deter us from loving like never before. A life without love should never be our goal. This week, get ready to receive and express love and to open your heart to the lifeblood of our human experience. And, while you are at it, start practicing loving yourself a little more every day. We are all good at finding our flaws, but we also need to be even better at celebrating our awesomeness. Expressing love matters.

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