Ever seen those photos of two completely different animals species helping one another? You know, like Remoras and sharks or Plovers and crocodiles? They are called “Symbiotic Relationships,” meaning they are win-win relationships. As people, being kind to one another can also be loosely seen as “Symbiotic,” even though it is in an inner-species sort of way. And, we love that so much that being kind is our focus for this entire month. However, this week, we want you to EXTEND YOUR KINDNESS to other living things in our lives, that aren’t human, but are sure kind to us. No, you don’t need to clean a shark’s skin or pick food out of a crocodile’s teeth, but we want you to take it beyond the level of “I feed my pet cat or dog and they give me love in return.” It’s time to take it up a notch… take them on a new walk, buy them a new toy, or give them an extra hug… every day. Or maybe there is a nearby animal shelter that needs a little help. Or even a special little soul that needs a home. Let’s take this opportunity to extend some human kindness to our little furry friends. After all, they love us unconditionally… and, so can we.

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