What if you were able to accept the fact that the one thing you fear most is guaranteed to happen? This doesn’t mean your fear of spiders guarantees you a bite. This doesn’t mean your fear of public speaking means you will have to deliver several public addresses throughout your life. But, if you are like most people, you have a fear of failure. And, like most people, you will also fail at something. Yes, your fear will come true… possibly several times. But isn’t it freeing to just accept and embrace it? Doesn’t it feel nice to know that we all fail at times and that it’s completely okay? The only thing for us to decide upon is what we do with it; so this week, we want you to FAIL FORWARD. The best part about failure is that it typically means you tried something new and you weren’t the G.O.A.T. on your first go. Fair enough. But maybe you failed at something you felt you knew better and “shoulda” done better. Maybe you said something you wish you hadn’t. Maybe you didn’t prepare properly for a test or project. These are the moments that allow us to grow. We get to right the wrong and do better the next time. No need to beat ourselves up. What happened happened for a reason. Let’s not fail again by not learning and growing. Failing forward matters.

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