In 1637, Descartes stated, “I think, therefore I am.” The intention of his statement was to help us understand our ability to attain certain knowledge as human beings. However, might it have also blunted an equally important part of being human… our ability to feel and emote? In other words, “I feel, therefore I am.” We have all heard the phrases: “Boys don’t cry.” “Don’t worry, be happy.” “It’s not that bad.” “Shake it off.” While it is important for us to move forward with resiliency and positivity, we can’t do this by ignoring how we feel in those moments. So, this week, we want you to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS. Fortunately, mental and emotional health is getting much more attention than it used to. Unfortunately, however, COVID-19 has impacted our mental and emotional health even more. Fears, anxieties, sadness, anger, and confusion are running high right now, and we have to acknowledge them and truly feel them. For it is through genuinely feeling and honoring our emotions that we are able to heal and grow, which is what we all hope to do everyday. So, yes, it is okay to not feel okay. That is part of being human; but then let’s begin taking steps towards joy, gratitude, positivity, hope, and wonderment. Together, we can do this. Feeling our feelings matters.

Note:  If you are really struggling emotionally and need help, please contact a mental health professional or call 1-800-273-8255.  There is no shame in getting help… we all need support from time to time.  You matter.



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