Most classic stories follow a similar 3-part series… There is a main character that we all fall in love with that has to go through a series of challenges in order to accomplish their dream or reach their goal. Just look at any great love story or triumph-of-the-spirit movie. We find ourselves rooting for the main character as they find their way through hurdles to get to the other side. Sound familiar? It should, because aren’t we all just the main character of our own story? Don’t we all want to arrive “there” but still hit obstacles and roadblocks along the way? We think we might be onto something here, so this week we want you to FIND A WAY. What happens to you when something doesn’t go your way or as quickly as you hoped it would go? Do you get completely derailed? Does it stop you in your tracks? Or do you brush it off, get back on your horse, and keep moving forward? We believe there is always a way… we just to need increase our commitment to finding it. Motivated people, driven by passion and a strong desire to achieve something, always find a way. It’s called resiliency, focus, drive, and determination. So, get motivated, because finding your way matters.

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