Joy is defined as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” It’s our opinion that a feeling of great pleasure and happiness is something all of us and our world need more of today… and tomorrow… and forever. Doesn’t that sound nice? Just close your eyes and imagine your life and our world filled with great pleasure and happiness. Doesn’t that warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and give you great hope and joy? We hope so. This week, let’s all FIND JOY. Well, just like anything in life, finding something requires a few steps. First we need to know what we are looking for. Secondly, we need to know where to find it or how to create it. Lastly, we need to know what obstacles are in the way and might keep us from getting there. So what do great pleasure and happiness look like for you? Maybe it’s spending time with friends. Maybe it’s going for a hike. Maybe it’s playing with your dog in the park. Only you can answer this question. Once you have your answer or answers, then it’s just a matter of making it happen and creating those joy-filled experiences. And, equally important, it means honoring it and putting up boundaries to protect it, because joy is worth it. Joy is that important. Finding joy matters.

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