There are certain quotes, sayings, or idioms we hear so many times they actually actively impact the way we live. Maybe you have been told to “break a leg” or that “the ball is in your court.” Or possibly “once in a blue moon” you’ve found something to be “the best thing since sliced bread.” This week, we are focusing on another common saying, so we want you to FIND THE SILVER LINING. We all know the sun backlighting a cloud creates the silver lining, but in the spirit of being optimistic this month, we want to dig a little deeper into it. When a storm hits—when life gets hard—one of the beliefs that helps us weather it is the trust that it won’t last forever. We know the sun is up there somewhere and eventually it will break through to show us the silver lining. In other words, the silver lining is the gift we receive after the clouds start to break apart and we see blue skies again. This trust, or knowing, fuels our optimism, for we know that no storm lasts forever. But isn’t this the same in life? Whether good or bad, we know that nothing lasts forever. So when life gets challenging, when events in our world break your heart, or when you stumble and fall, don’t lose hope. Don’t lose your optimism. For you know something better is on the way. Finding the silver lining matters.

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