Let’s admit something together—our world needs a lot more love and care. Let’s accept something together—we are the only ones to do it. So what do you care about? Better yet, what are you doing about it? When we care deeply about something, we find our cause… our passion. So, this week, we want to inspire you to FIND YOUR CAUSE. You might love animals and care about how humans are encroaching on their habitats or destroying their food sources and homes. You might be upset about social and racial injustice and strive for equity for everyone. Or you might care about our environment and climate change. Sadly, the needs are endless. We just need to pick our cause then take action. And, please never underestimate the power of one person. Every piece of litter that gets picked up matters. Every dollar donated helps to find cures. Every animal adopted is one more loving, forever home. When we act on what we believe in and care about, we live our purpose. Take action, be a voice, inspire your friends and family to take action with you or to find their own cause. A world of people who care is all we need. Just remember… it starts with you. Finding your cause matters.

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