It’s hard to believe that over 20% of 2018 is already behind us. The hour and minute hands of the clock don’t stop moving for anyone or anything. But, how about you? How are you moving? More specifically, how are you doing when it comes to getting exercise and moving your body? Maybe you set a goal this year to: “Join a gym,” “Walk 10,000 steps everyday,” or “Burn at least 500 calories a day.” How’s that going so far? Don’t want to answer that question? No worries. But, what about this question: do any of those activity goals sound at all fun or inspiring to you? Well they don’t to us either, so this week it’s time to FIND YOUR JAM. Moving your body does not need to sound or be dreadful. When we were children, we moved our bodies like crazy. It was called, “playing.” The goal was fun, sport, connecting with friends, getting rid of energy. The by-product was calories burned, muscles toned, cardio enhanced, and steps taken. But now we have made the by-product the actual goal, ignoring everything that was so special about “playing.” Well, let’s get back to having a blast moving our bodies. Focus on playing and the exercise will happen. Rediscover the joy in movement. Finding your jam matters.

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