You have a voice unlike anyone else on this planet. Your knowledge, understanding, and experiences help you form your beliefs and values, and therefore your voice. As we get older, our voice changes and evolves. We also become more aware of the voices around us, some of which resonate with and empower us, while others can anger or challenge us. We also began to notice that our voices are unique in style, not just content. Some voices are strong and resolute, while others are quiet and soft spoken. And then there are all of the voices in between. Well, no matter the nuance of yours, we just want to make sure that you FIND YOUR VOICE. It can be a bit scary and overwhelming to be one voice amongst billions of others, especially since we live in a time where our voice can be literally heard around the world with a simple click or post. But this is also exciting and inspiring, for you can be the voice that awakens the voices of others. You can be the voice that causes people to pause and think. You can be the voice that comforts or motivates others. As we learn to navigate our way through our world and find our voices, know that if you have a bold voice, a soft voice, or somewhere in between, your voice is your own. Your voice has power and strength. Finding your voice matters.

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