We all have “that” person in our life. You know the one whose glass is always half empty. They can’t help but see the outcome as always being a bad one and there is rarely any hope for anything exciting or good. Not even miracles have a shot with these folks. Well, without being to direct, have you ever been that person? Maybe not all the time, but just now and then? Don’t worry if your answer is, “Yes.” In a world with so much negativity on TV, in conversations around us, and on social media, it is easy to get sucked into that caustic zone. But, this week, we say, “Enough already.” It’s time for all of us to FLIP THE SCRIPT. Boats weren’t invented by only focusing on the sinking of things. And planets aren’t explored by assuming we can never get any closer to them. The same goes for our lives and our world… we will only create what we hope for with our positivity turned to the “on” position. Let’s be inspired and focus on the good and do so with our whole-hearts. Let’s believe in a better social ethos that everyone can strive for. Better yet, let’s create it. Because when we change our thoughts on the inside, we change our words and actions on the outside. Flipping the script matters.

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