Sometimes it is really easy to connect the dots on things. It’s that whole “1 + 2 = 3” thing. Or it’s the cause and effect thing… “If this, then that.” Easy, right? However, sometimes making those connections, for some reason, is not so easy. Why is it that the most obvious link to how an action can produce a result appears less than obvious? This week, we’re here to remind all of us that those connections can start with something as simple as FLIPPING THE SWITCH. We all have been guilty of leaving the television on, even when no one is in the room, or discovering that we forgot to turn a light off after leaving that room hours earlier. And what do we say to ourselves when we do? “Oh, that is going to hurt when I get my utility bill.” Notice how the connection to dollars and cents seems a lot easier to make than the connection to how our wasting electricity hurts all of us? It might feel as though wasting a few kilowatts is no big deal, but it does add up. What it takes to deliver electricity impacts our air, habitats, water supply…and that’s way more costly than a few pennies. So it’s time to flip the switch on our passion for our environment. Let’s turn it off. Because flipping the switch matters.

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