All of us have made plans to have lunch with a friend, to meet with a customer or colleague, and to begrudgingly go to the dentist. We have also all said that we would call someone back in those infamous “5 minutes.” On the surface, pretty straightforward stuff here. Yet, as the day for your lunch or meeting grew near, did you ever start to feel a little doubt? Like there might be a late cancellation or a no-show? Did you feel the need to reach out “just to confirm” your plans? Why is that? Because our culture is now entering into what is called the “Post Truth” era. In other words, our word is quickly becoming something far less trustworthy than it once was. This week, and every week going forward, we think it’s time to get back to two important words, FOLLOW THROUGH. Our word is everything. If we can’t be trusted to keep our commitments and to follow through, then creating meaningful and respectful relationships is simply impossible. So let’s strive to be that person that no one ever has to question. No need for reminders or confirmations. Let your dentist know they don’t need to text you every day to remind you about your upcoming appointment. Let the world know that you do as you say and watch your respect-o-meter go way up. Following through matters.

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