Our entire life we have been sponges rapidly absorbing information. Experiences, both good and bad, have helped form who we are today. Media has impacted us, sometimes without us even knowing. And, people in the form of teachers, friends, family members, and co-workers have influenced and informed how we see ourselves and the world around us. Most days we might not think about this; however, there are moments when we become more aware of it…like when making a big decision. These influences often become the filters we use when making a big decision, for they have shaped how we think, feel, and act. But there is another filter that we rely on. It’s that quiet voice or ping in our heart. Yep, we want you to FOLLOW YOUR GUT. The average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. That is a lot of choices. Some of them are simple, while some are a bit more complex. Have you ever reflected on the process you go through when making those complex choices? Do you think about what someone might tell you or expect you to do? Are you a cause and effect person? Do you do your research? Maybe you do all of the above. Or, maybe there are times when you simply follow your gut and listen to that trusted voice inside that “told” you exactly what you needed to do. If you can trust it, follow it. Following your gut matters.

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