If you are someone who has never made a mistake or never hurt anyone’s feelings, maybe this week isn’t for you. However, being that you are human, there is a good chance it is. We have all been hurt or wronged by someone, which likely means we have all done the same to someone else. We are not saying it was intentional on either end; rather that most likely you have been an active participant in something like this during your lifetime. But what transpired afterwards is almost more important than the original happening itself. And, even though the pain you either caused someone or felt yourself might have been challenging, what comes next can be an even greater challenge. It’s called, “Forgiveness.” Yes, we know…it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Regardless, this week we want you to FORGIVE FREELY. Forgiveness is often a double standard. We want and expect people to forgive us, yet we have a difficult time forgiving other people. Well, life doesn’t work that way, and we should never expect to be forgiven if we can’t forgive. So, who haven’t you forgiven? Maybe it is something someone did recently. Or maybe it was something that happened 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Well, are you ready to let it go? It’s time to be free and to stop carrying that “stuff” around all the time. It only weighs us down. Forgiveness leads to freedom and relationship building. Forgiving freely matters.

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