If you are someone who has never made a mistake or never hurt anyone’s feelings, even if unintentionally, we’re pretty sure you’re not being honest with yourself or us. We’re all members of a big club, “Humans.” We have all been hurt or wronged by someone. And vice versa. But what happened afterwards, some would argue, could be more important than what happened first. And, even though the pain that you either caused or felt might have been challenging, the after part is often even more of a challenge. It’s called, “Forgiveness.” Ahhh. The “F” word… not easy. Well no one ever said being human was easy. And this week’s no exception. It’s time to FORGIVE FREELY. Forgiveness can be a bit of a double standard. We want and expect people to forgive us, yet we have a difficult time forgiving them ourselves. Well, life doesn’t work that way… we should never expect to be forgiven, if we can’t forgive. So, who haven’t you forgiven? Maybe it is something someone did recently. Or maybe it was something that happened 5, 10, or 15 years ago. It’s time to stop carrying that “stuff” around, for it only weighs us down. You ready to let it go? Forgiveness leads to freedom. Forgiving freely matters.

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