Just as we need food, shelter, and safety, we also have a need to be connected to others. Of course there are introverts and extroverts, but even introverts need to have meaningful and enriching relationships. The pandemic has made it a bit more challenging for us to gather safely, whether with someone nearby or across the country. We have all felt a bit more isolated and lonely, and now might be a little uncomfortable to step out of our COVID-imposed bubbles. But people need us and we need people, so this week, we want you to GATHER YOUR TEAM. Take a moment to think about the different teams you have in your life. Maybe your biological family is the first team that comes to mind. But there is a good chance you are also part of a team of friends and classmates and co-workers and quilt-makers and church-goers and neighbors and any of the group of people with whom you are associated. Doesn’t this already make you feel more supported and give you a greater sense of belonging? We hope so. But now the bigger exercise is to reflect on what you contribute to each of these teams. Teams only work when everyone contributes. So lean in. Be the one who offers new ideas, makes the first call, and takes the first action. Gathering your team matters.

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