Are you the ringleader for your family or friends? You know, the one that everyone relies on to snap people out of their busy lives and remind them that time spent together is important? If you are, then we’d like to say, “Thank you… you matter.” Without people like you, we would never come together to enjoy one another. But now we need your help. Because it’s time to GATHER YOUR TRIBE. No, it doesn’t need an occasion or a third-Monday-of-the-month potluck ritual either. We’re gathering together this week to go on an adventure to make a difference in our community. Start by challenging your tribe to offer ideas of how they want to give back. The bird-lover might suggest building owl enclosures, while the people-lover might want everyone to play bingo at the local senior home. As the leader, you’ll need to help your tribe agree on the do-good adventure, organize it, and then make it happen. Ever heard the saying, “A tribe that does good together stays together?” We haven’t either, but we like it. So, have fun joining forces for good with your tribe. We hope it becomes the first of many adventures of this sort to come. Gathering your tribe for good matters.

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