Human beings are social creatures that thrive off of relationships, connectedness, and community. Yes, even you “social introverts” need people. The problem is that we don’t do a very good job of actually living our lives this way. We spend more time living inside our own heads than being present with one another. To make matters worse, we’ve convinced ourselves that having friends, fans, or followers on social media is synonymous with having real relationships and community. Well, it’s not… and we are seeing the negative effects of it every day. So, this week, we’re challenging you to step up, step out, and GET A GROUP. It is easy for us to say things like: “I wish I had more friends.” “I wish I knew people who had the same interests as me.” “I wish someone understood me.” Well, we are here to say that those “people” are all around you. You just need to stop “wishing” and start taking action to find them. Wishing for something that we don’t think exist is not the most optimistic approach to life. Owning and creating something is. So start connecting. Do your research or start something yourself. Maybe it is walking group, an EMM group, or a support group. Find it or create it. Getting a group matters.

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