Spring is in the air. The days feel longer and brighter as the sun stays out longer. For most of the country, the temperatures are going up, the flowers are blooming, the leaves are filling up empty branches from winter, and hopefully, we are all starting to reconnect with nature. It’s time to get outdoors and spend quality time experiencing the beauty of our planet—in a super up-close and personal sort of way. This week, we want you to GET DIRTY. Yes, we would be thrilled if more people put down their devices, stepped away from their desks, and stepped outside for some fresh air and a beautiful hike or walk in the park. For many of us, that would be a big improvement. However, we aren’t stopping there. Call us greedy, but we want you to truly connect with nature this week. Maybe it’s time for you to plant a tree or some beautiful flowers, either in your yard or a pot. Maybe it’s time to take an hour or two to pick up litter in your community. Or maybe it’s time to plant that vegetable garden you always wanted to have. Whatever you do, feel the Earth beneath your feet or hands and remember that our planet is worth appreciating and protecting. Getting dirty matters.

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