Sir Isaac Newton formulated that energy cannot be destroyed. It just changes from one form to another. Everything contains energy whether it is still or moving. For us personally, it’s our motivation that puts our energy into gear whether we are unmotivated or apathetic in neutral, moving forward and progressing in drive, or sliding backwards in reverse. Our energy is always doing something. The question is how much energy do you have as we kick off this New Year, and where are you going to channel it? This week, we want you to GET ENERGIZED. Energy is something that many of us take for granted. We don’t do enough to restore our energy, and we often haphazardly allocate it. Do you have clarity around how to replenish your energy storage? Are you mindful about where you use or spend your energy? Being able to answer these two questions is the perfect way to start off this first week of 2021. We want you to honor and cherish your energy. Protect it, feel it, offer it up wisely. If our energy-out is not dedicated to something positive, optimistic, compassionate, and good for you and the world, then that is not energy well spent. So let’s get supercharged for an awesome year and maintain that for the long haul. Getting energized matters.

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