Having dreams and turning them into reality, taking stock of your life and being willing to make positive changes, and looking to the year ahead, even though it feels like last year just started a few months ago, can be a little daunting. Add in the fact that it’s cold outside and gets dark before 5:00pm and it’s really easy to embrace that lazy-boy chair and a nice warm blanket, all the while keeping our heart rate at a nice resting 80 beats per minute. Well, sorry, but that’s enough of that because it’s time to get fired up. For things to change, something has to change. For things to happen, something needs to happen. And, yes, this starts with you. Yes, it’s time to GET ENERGIZED. What fires you up? What gets your body, mind, and soul feeling both optimized and optimistic? Sure, coffee probably topped your list, but let’s not stop there. Are you exercising, eating right, reading good books, or spending quality time with people that feed your soul? Energy begets energy… it’s contagious, so let’s get that high-energy party started. Make a daily commitment to yourself and those around you to take the necessary actions to create and maintain a healthy and optimistic energy this year. You need it and so does the world. Getting energized matters.

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