If you are an adult reading this right now, all we ask is that you stay with us for a second, because what we are asking you to do this week might sound a bit too much or silly to you. It turns out that if it does, then more the reason why we are so excited for this week and more the reason for you to keep reading. Part of having fun is the ability to get out of our own head. We need to quiet the concern of being judged by others and step out of our overcritical self-awareness. We used to be professionals at it, but sadly lost that skill as we grew older. But this week, we are going back to a day when fun was second nature. We want you to GET GOOFY. Did we just lose you? We hope not. Here are a few synonyms for the word “Goofy”—slaphappy, light-headed, ridiculous, nutty, batty, silly, cockamamie, loco, wacky, clownlike, bonkers. Be honest…did you crack a smile while reading those synonyms? It’s because they are fun and they have a way of taking the weight off of the shoulders. So what are you willing to do this week to be a bit feather-brained and kooky? Will you make funny faces at yourself in the mirror? Will crank the music and dance and sing in your living room? Will you host a virtual “Bad Dad Jokes” night for your friends and family? Goofy has no limits. Neither do you. Getting goofy matters.

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