Most likely you have heard the saying, “The truth will set you free.” We would like to assume that being truthful or honest with others is a pretty simple thing for most people. Frankly, the thought of it being the opposite kind of makes our skin crawl. However, sometimes being honest with ourselves can be a little more challenging. It is often easier to just push things aside or conveniently ignore our own personal truths because not doing so forces us to face the music and take responsibility for who we are. However, without “going there” we fail to discover the strength that lies within that helps us to grow. So, this week, we want you to GET HONEST. Right now, think about something in your life that isn’t exactly where you would like it to be. Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s the level of joy you feel in your heart. Or, maybe it’s the number you see on the scale. Well, what if you really got honest with yourself about it? What if you took the time to have a heart-felt and honest conversation with that person? What if you acknowledged the fact that you don’t feel as happy as you would like to, and then took steps to make a change? Yes, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable. But on the flip side, it is where we want to go. Getting honest matters.

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