We want to offer you a few definitions to see if you can figure out what word we are referring to: “A framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other.” “A network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles.” “A number of computers linked together via the Internet so that their combined power may be harnessed to work difficult problems.” Any idea? Well, if you said, “Grid,” you are the lucky winner. But we’re not sure any of these definitions actually work for the way we think of “The Grid” in real life. And, being that this week, we want you to GET OFF THE GRID, we need to come to a consensus on what “it” is. After all, in order to get off of something, we need to know what “it” is. So, for fun, let’s agree on a definition. According to the Every Monday Matters official dictionary, “The Grid” (noun) is “a combination of TVs, radios, computers, tablets, smart phones, and the power that connects them—the Internet, Wi-Fi, cellular, blue tooth—that creates an electric web or leash that doesn’t allow us to unplug.” Welcome to the Matrix. Now it’s time to take a serious break from it. So stash the devices. Tune out and go live a little and connect to real life. We promise, the grid will be there when you get back. Getting off the grid matters.

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