We have a question for you… In the past year, have you spent more time indoors than you typically have in other years? If you are like most people, we know your answer to this question. As our schools, workplaces, restaurants, and movie theaters shut down, we stayed home surrounded by walls, roofs, monitors, and electricity. We ordered delivery service and sometimes only got dressed up from the waist up in order to be on a videoconference. Well, this week, we want to change things up. It’s time to GET OUTDOORS. The act of getting outdoors is unlike any other connection. When we get outdoors, we feel happier and less stressed. Our brain activity heightens and our vision gets sharper, and we feel more energized and creative. When we get outdoors, our perspective widens, and we feel more connected to the earth and in touch with nature. So, this week, let’s get some fresh air. Let’s go for a walk or hike. Let’s feel the sand or grass under our feet. Let’s see the ocean, a lake, and a river. Let’s stand amongst the trees and fields and look up at the sky. Let’s get to a vista or mountaintop and look out at the great expanse, or listen to birds singing and see wildlife in their element. And, as we do this, let’s be mindful of our thoughts and feelings. Don’t feel the need to take a photo and post it somewhere. Just be there—fully present. Getting outdoors matters.

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