We live in the Age of Information. Literally everything is at our fingertips. In an instant, we can research anything we want. We can watch instructional videos on how to build or cook anything under the sun. We can learn languages by pressing “play” and “pause” while driving. It’s all there for the taking. But does that mean we actually take advantage of it? Or is most of our time spent online or on smart phones a little less productively and constructively? Based on top-searched words on Google, the answers are pretty clear. Go ahead, Google that. But, this week, we really want to focus on something in a way that leads to GETTING SHARPER. What is something you are super passionate about? What is something that you love to do or love to talk about? Sports, history, scrapbooking, playing the piano? Maybe it is a hobby or maybe it is something that can propel your performance at work or at school. What’s the answer to that question you’ve always had? Only you know what “it” is. All we are asking is that you dig into it deeper. Become an expert. Know it like the back of your hand. Be a well-rounded person. Take advantage of our capacity to know and learn so much over our lifetimes. Either you go for it, or we are going to have to bring back microfiche and floppy disks. Your call. Getting sharper matters.

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