Physical movement is critical to our physical and mental health. When we stop moving, our bodies stop working. There is no arguing this, yet only 23% of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise each week. 32% get some exercise and 45% hardly any exercise at all. To make matters worse, we spend an average of 11 hours a day watching, reading, listening to or interacting with media; and an average of 8 hours a day sitting and 11 hours a day laying flat. This is a recipe for disaster. So this week, let’s GET OUR MOVE ON. For adults, the CDC recommends 30 minutes of “moderate exercise” every day. There are so many options—going for a walk around the neighborhood, playing in park, running, hiking, cycling, rowing, dancing, playing tennis, Pilates, etc. The key is to find something you love to do in order to get moving. Find joy in it… and you will do it. Don’t make it about moving, rather about your enjoyment of it. Maybe running is not your thing, but playing soccer is. Great, because either way you are covering ground. You might also make some new friends. Getting your move on, matters.

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