Do you feel sluggish? Do you find yourself yawning throughout your day?  Can you not even think about starting your day until you’ve had that cup of coffee, soda, or energy drink? Well, if you are like the millions of adults around the world, you are not getting enough sleep. In fact, you may be suffering from Sleep Deprivation Syndrome and it is taking a serious toll on you… and maybe a few of your loved ones too. But there’s help… Okay, sorry about that really bad pharma commercial and for probably making you yawn while reading it, but we couldn’t help ourselves. As funny as it might sound to read it, it is actually something that we can’t completely ignore. So, this week, we want you to GET YOUR REST. We live busy lives in a busy world. During every waking moment, we are bombarded with round-the- clock media, good news, bad news, deadlines, pressures, billboards, text messages, email, and more. Our BPMs are always elevated… except when we sleep. Ahhhh. Restful, peaceful, silent, renewing, slow-breathing, regenerating, deep, sleep. Can you feel it? Did your heartbeat and mind slow down just thinking about it? Well, 6 hours a night isn’t cutting it. Getting your rest matters.

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