“I hope you are having a great day.” “I’ve always wanted to tell you that your smile lights up a room.” “Thank you for being such a patient friend and a great listener.” “Love your jacket.” “You’re the best.” “You rock.” “You matter.” We could continue listing these short and simple statements that literally take one second to say, but hopefully you have already caught onto us. It is so easy for us to share niceties with someone, yet how often do we do it? Well, we think it is time to GIVE A COMPLIMENT, so get ready to share a bunch of them this week. Compliments are so powerful. Even reading the list above can bring a sense of feel good. The best part about compliments is that they are limitless, for each and every day we are presented with countless opportunities to compliment someone. But here is the catch… they have to be genuine and sincere. Knowing this might conjure a few fears however, because most of us aren’t good at receiving genuine and sincere compliments, so giving them can be a bit scary. But we can’t avoid spreading positive, kind, heartfelt statements with one another. If anything, our world needs this right now more than ever. So when the moment presents itself, which it will, don’t hold back. Keep it simple, and just enjoy the impact it will have. Giving compliments matters.

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