Not one person on this earth is perfect. Not even one. This means mistakes will be made. It means that people’s feelings will be hurt, because we live in a social construct and impact one another every single day. Because of this, we all need tools to process, grow, heal, and move forward. It’s the one way we can continue the journey filled with hope, positivity, and gratitude. So, this is a big week for all of us, because we want you to GIVE GRACE. Giving grace can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. For us, it’s giving people the benefit of the doubt. It’s accepting there is goodness within ourselves and other people, even when we struggle, and trusting we are all doing the best we can with our current state of awareness. But, wait a second. What about those people we don’t think deserve our grace? How do we compassionately see the best in others when they choose to harm? Let us be clear that giving grace is not giving up your morals and standards. It’s not giving yourself or anyone else a free pass for their actions. We still need to expect the best and believe in a moral compass based on goodness, love, and service. But even while holding onto everything we see as “right,” we can move further away from judgement and closer to compassion. Grace. It’s such a small word that has such an enormous impact. GIVING GRACE matters.

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