Time is a tricky thing. We can’t seem to stop it; we never have enough of it; yet we still manage to lose it. How does that work? If we really stop to think about it, isn’t time one of the most precious thing we have? Yes, this is a touchy topic, because no one likes to think about the passing of time. But it is also an important topic, because it reminds us of how precious it is and that every moment of every day is truly a gift… if we choose to see it that way. Which leads us to this week; we want you to GIVE OF YOUR TIME. For, if time is truly such a precious thing, then, giving it away makes it one of the most precious gifts we can give. And, we think that is pretty cool. Maybe it is a friend who is going through a tough time. Maybe it is a co-worker who is struggling on a project. Or, maybe it’s your son or daughter who could use a little mom or dad time and attention. It’s time to stop being busy and to start sharing your time. It is the greatest gift of all. Your time matters.

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