We have all heard the marketing slogans: “Buy one, give one.” “Buy one, get one.” Maybe you have purchased a few products because one of these campaigns worked its magic on you. We are not here to judge, because either someone else benefited from your purchase or you got a real deal by getting two for the price of one. Nice work. But we have a new slogan for you that we believe is more powerful and will create even more joy in the world. This week, we are asking you to GIVE ONE, GIVE ONE. There are a few things about this that we hope you love. First off, you don’t have to buy anything. See, we are already saving you money. Secondly, however, we are asking you to give something and then give again. Maybe you have some well-cared-for clothing that you haven’t worn in a while. Maybe you have an extra computer or a bunch of books you have already read. Or maybe you have an extra hour, or two, that you can donate to a worthy cause. Of course, you will feel great joy in doing any of the above, but this is about creating joy for others. Think about the person on the receiving end of your generosity. Think about the life you are changing. All we need to do is give. No more buying; no more getting… only giving. This is what the holiday season should be all about. Giving matters.

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