We all love presents. Who doesn’t? Receiving a gift, especially from someone meaningful in our life, is one of the best feelings in the world. But when we start prioritizing receiving too much, we forget the giving part, and we disconnect from one of our greatest abilities—our ability to give. So this week, we are only going to focus on giving without expecting anything in return. We’re calling you to GIVE TO GIVE. Now we’re talkin’. We know it is commonplace that holiday gifts are exchanged, and we are not saying anyone is operating from a place of entitlement or selfishness. We get it… it’s the norm. But by putting all of our focus on giving just for the sake of giving, we empower ourselves to be the best gift givers we have ever been. So go gangbusters sharing your love with people. Give someone the gift of your presence, your joy, and your heart. If giving requires buying something, then do what you can. Whatever feels right for you. See what happens when you start to give to others without expecting anything in return… you might just like it. And, it might make a difference in how we see gift-giving moving forward. So this season, give, then give some more. The joy is in the giving. Giving to give matters.

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