Do you remember the first time you jumped into a swimming pool or leapt off the high-dive? Maybe it was the first time you gave a speech in front of a room full of people? Perhaps it was when you proposed to your significant other? When we have intentions of learning something new, completing a task, or achieving a goal, there can be that moment of hesitation and uncertainty that we have to push through in order to complete the mission. That moment makes all the difference, so this week, we want you to GO ALL IN. Going all in is that next step after we make an intention. We commit. No half-sies. We know our purpose and where we want to be. We have a plan and are ready to shift into drive, avoiding filibusters and ideating on all of the things that could go wrong. The most important step of going all in is often the very first one, for analysis paralysis or fear can keep our feet stuck in the mud. And, as we move forward, we can safely assume there will be obstacles and bumps in the road, but we won’t let them throw us off course because we are all in. So when is the last time you went all in on something? How did it feel? How did things turn out? Regardless of the result, didn’t you feel all the better for it? Going all in takes courage, so celebrate your commitment. Going all in matters.

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