We’ve all heard the phrase “Go big or go home.” It’s easy to hear this statement and think it means we always have to get first place, be the number one person in charge, make the most money, own the biggest house on the block, and drive the nicest car on the market. If that’s what you’ve always dreamt of achieving and you accomplished it, then that’s awesome. But that isn’t the only form of going big, as we all have different dreams, hopes, and goals. At EMM, we just want to make sure you go after them, so this week we want you to GO BIG. At the end of the day, we all only have one life to live. This thought can be both scary and exciting at the same time, but let’s focus on creating a spectacular life and world. For some of us, this means becoming a first-grade teacher or a college professor. For others it might be to become the best mom or dad you can, a full-time volunteer for causes that are meaningful to you, or an elected official. Anything is possible and now is your time. Whatever you do, give it your all. This month, we’ve felt the wonder, owned our awesomeness, and prepared to launch. All you have left to do is to go big. Going big matters.

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